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Name: Surakshya Maharjan

Age: 9 years

Birthday: February 7th 

Currently Lives: BalajuNepal

Living with: Mother "Sunita", and 16yr old sister "Rakshya"

Class: 4

Interests: Studying, Dancing and reading English story books


Surakshya's Story

Surakshya lost her father to a heart attack midway through 2018. The family were left reelling at the loss of a good husband and father. He worked as a security guard at a local rug manufacturer. Mom Sunita currently works at the same rug company where she hand weaves and hand knots rugs. One large rug can take her up to 1 month to complete and at the completion she will receive $30 for her labour. Sunita is also partially deaf in one ear and completely deaf in the other due to a bad fall when she was 22 years old.

The family have been given temporary shelter after their loss by the company she works for, the company have given them 1 very small room free of rent. Sunita fears every day they will tell her, her time is up and must find a place of her own. On her small sole wage, this will be very difficult. 

Since the death, Sunita hasn't been unable to pay Surakshya's,  or her sisters school fees. We would like to secure Surakshya's position in the school through a sponsorship. This will bring huge financial and psychological relief to Sunita and the family.

25th May 2019

Tanya Closter Sponsors Surakshya 

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