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Name: Yubak Roka

Age: 7 years

DOB: 3rd October

Currently Lives: Jharkhatte, Kohalpur. Nepal

Family members: 7 (Mother, 1 x Brother, 3 x Sisters, Cousin)

Class: (does not attend school) 

Interests: Playing 


Yubak's Story

Yubak has lived the first 10 years of his life in a a remote village in Nepal called Sadanbar nestled within the Himalayas. He lives with his mother Lila and 3 older sisters and 1 older brother. His father walked out on them 8 years ago and has not been heard of since.  Lila works as a farmers labourer.


In May this year (2018) Lila received word that her 10 year old nephew "Hemraj"  (also sponsored by We All Rotate), has been abandoned by his sister (his mother died in a workplace accident last year and his older brother left for India and has not been heard of since), as a result Hemraj was living alone 200km away. Immediately Lila made the journey to be with Hemraj. 


It was at that time we met Lila, while we too were visiting Hemraj.

After discussing various possibilities and options for not only the Roka family but also for Hemraj, Lila has decided to make the incredible decision to relocate her family to live with Hemraj. The main reason for this is that in her remote village there is no access to education and possibilities are limited.

​Yubak and his siblings have never attended school. Bringing the family to live with Hemraj will give the family the opportunity to have a good education and a much much brighter future. We have assured Lila that we will stand beside them and find sponsors for her children. In late July (20118) we found a sponsor for Yubak's 10 Year old brother "Disam". Now it's Yubak's turn.


So here we are,... August 2018, .....Yubak has now relocated permanently to Nepalgunj with his eldest sisters, and brother and is living with Hemraj. Lila will join them when she finalizes everything in her village for the permanent move to be with her children and Hemraj.

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