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“We All Rotate” was born out of the devastating Earthquakes in Nepal in April/May of 2015. Founder Steve Beatty had been a regular visitor to Nepal and was trekking in Nepal when the earthquakes struck and saw firsthand the devastation and trauma inflicted upon the nation. Action was taken immediately following, by sourcing a team of locals and purchasing food and aid supplies and distributing the goods to rural communities in desperate need of help.We are continuing to see “We All Rotate” grow in strength and establish a positive reputation locally in Australia and within Nepal with strong relationships made with rural community leaders and local schools, and organisations that allows us to make personal and lasting impacts on those we help. In 2018 Steve made the huge decision to make a permanent move to Nepal where he know lives with his wife Pushpa, and together along side a supportive group of directors continue to stand beside the Nepalese people.


Our Goal

Our goal is to become a global aid organisation that provides financial backing, mentoring and opportunities to support the development of education, health and well-being in impoverished communities, currently focusing on Nepal.

Our values revolve around: 

  • Integrity to be trustworthy on behalf of both private and corporate donors and our beneficiaries.

  • Listening to what is actually required by those in need rather than what we want to do.

  • Empowering families and communities, providing the platform/framework/environment/ and resources for success.

So Far

Our projects to date include:

  • Emergency Aid - COMPLETED

Emergency accommodation materials and food following the earthquake to a remote village.

Providing materials and labour to restore water to a devastated village.


  • Art Classes and workshops - COMPLETED

 Inviting local Nepalese artists to Teach art classes within local Kathmandu schools and colleges.


  • Woman’s hygiene - ONGOING

Locally made (Geelong) re-usable sanitary packs are distributed with training to women in rural communities using a strong partnership with local Nepalese NGO's.


  • Student sponsorship - ONGOING

Identifying children and families that require assistance obtaining school placement and providing financial assistance with enrollment and education costs. We invite people from around the world to engage in a personal and unique one on one sponsorship with a Nepalese child as we follow their educational journey and their family welfare, and the impact we are actively making in both. 


  • Rebuilding Projects - COMPLETED

Engaging engineers to visit a rural Nepalese village and assess their need for a school to be built and provide a comprehensive field report including impact statements and a framework for moving forward.

  • Medical intervention - ONGOING

Financial contribution to operation costs, hospital stay expenses and rehabilitation costs. We are passionate about helping children and their families receive prompt, quality surgery in a country that has a complexed and expensive medical system. Where without money they would not be treated. We continue to share needs and use moneys donate for this specific cause and use our strong partnership with local NGO NHEDF to manage these projects. .

  • Covid-19 Relief. ONGOING

Providing food relief hampers to families struggling to cope with the unprecedented crisis of unemployment, poverty, hunger and isolation. 

  • "Talking about Periods" - ONGOING

Working within schools in the Kathmandu Valley, we provide frank and open classroom discussions about all things Period. Hygiene, care, health, stigma and products. 

  • Leadership and team building treks. - ONGOING

Providing the opportunity for Nepal's disadvantaged youth and students to be immersed in an adventure.  Using our local trekking partners, we Trek through various regions of Nepal. Students get to see first hand the beauty and wonder of their own land while also gaining life skills through physical challenges, team work and leadership development activities. Usually held over 5 days, we are providing treks for both male and female students.

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