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Name: Bhawana B.K

Age: 7 years

Birthday: unknown

Currently Lives: Balaju Heights, Bodatar. Kathmandu

Living with: Hostel

Class: UKG (prep)

Interests: Playing and learning


bhawana's Story

When Bhawana was just 6 days old, mice chewed off her nose while her mum was outside hanging clothes on the line. She is from the Humla District situated in the far north west of Nepal and is one of the least developed and most remote areas of the country. 

3 years ago Bhawana's situation was brought to the attention of a small group of Local Nepalese that helped send her to Kathmandu for a medical checkup. Doctors have decided that plastic surgery can be done but she must wait until she is 12 years old when her face structure and shape has matured. 

Bhawana's parents did not want her to study as they saw no need for a girl to be educated, such is the thinking in such poor remote areas.  Through discussions and support, Bhawana's parents have consented to allow her to study and stay at a school hostel in Kathmandu. She has been attending prep class this last year and will move to class 1 in this coming school year.  To date, Bhawan has been supported by a group of local Nepalese. They have approached us asking for our support to ensure Bhawana's education and accommodation is secured long term. 

Bhawan is a happy, confident and energetic girl, who loves learning and playing with friends.

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