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Bijaya is proudly
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Mick & Lesley Alexander



Name: Bijaya

Gender: Male

Age: 11yrs

Birthday:  Sept 21st 

Currently Lives: Kohalpur. Nepal

Living with: Aunt and 3 younger cousins

Class: 2

Interests: Football and studying

Character: Very good and attentive student, quiet in class. Teachers say he struggles with English , but we found him extremely engaging and confident to at least try and converse with us. A very polite boy.

Bijaya's story

Bijaya is an only child growing up in a remote village in Nepal called Rukum. When Bijaya was 4 yrs old his father up and left him and his mum. In  2016 his mum decided to move to Kohalpur, a bigger city with access to schools for Bijaya and opportunities for her to find work. They moved in with a relative "aunt" that gave them shelter. Mum found work as a farmers labourer and enrolled Bijaya into Canvas Boarding School, where he has been thriving. Suddenly in 2018 Bijaya's mum up and left, apparently eloping and has not been seen or heard of since; leaving Bijaya in the permanent care of his aunt. The aunt is committed to accommodating and caring for Bijaya, but with 3 young children of her own is finding it extremely difficult to cover his education expenses, so both her and the school has approached us for help. 

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