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Name: Junu 


Gender: Female

YOB: 2017

Class: Nursery

School: Kathmandu

Lives with: Mother and and sister

Likes/Dreams: Dance, Play, Sing

Personality: cheeky, bright, chatty

JUNU's story


Junu's father Padam died in June of 2018 due to Liver failure. Leaving behind wife Maya and two daughters, Shanti and Junu. At the time Junu was 12 months old. We immediately stepped in and sponsored Junu's older sister Shanti. Mum Maya has struggled to keep down any regular work over the past 4 years. Whatever job she could find, which was usually cleaning work,  she would have to carry Junu with her while she worked.  Maya has no family close by for support and her in-laws have never accepted her as they think she is from a lower cast. She is very much alone. Their living conditions are terribly poor, renting one small room next door to a buffalo slaughter house....its truly depressing and smells putrid. Maya has been pleading with us to support Junu for several years and we now believe its the right time and Junu is the right age to attend school fulltime. With Junu at school this will give Maya so much more freedom throughout the day to find work, regular work, and start earning enough to hopefully move from their current location and be in a position to better provide for her girls. 

Junu will be enrolled in the same school as her sister Shanti. A sponsorship will cover all school fees, stationary, uniforms and allow us to provide Maya and the girls with some welfare support (Usually in the form of food, or clothing, but may even extend to rental assistance).


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