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Jacqui Edwards and Steve Bell



Name: Laxman

Gender: Male

Age: 6yrs

Birthday:  September 22nd 

Currently Lives: Hawaldarpur, Kohalpur. Nepal

Living with: Mum, aunty and younger brother

Class: Nursery

Interests:  playing with younger brother

Character: Quiet, very shy, withdrawn. Taking time to adjust to new surroundings and school.

laxman's story

Laxman's father was murdered in late 2018; throat cut while he was carrying goods back to his small shop. The police failed to find suspects and the case has gone cold. At the time the family of 4, now 3, lived in a rural and remote village. Feeling such a loss, helpless and afraid Laxman's mother Kalpana decided mid 2019 to leave the village and move to Kohalpur, taking with her, her two sons laxman and Ramit and her younger sister Ganga to try and make a fresh start. Kalpana's first priority was to find a good school for the boys, she has done this but a good school can be expensive so in order to afford it she has found work in a neighboring city as a cleaner in a hostel. The work helps make ends meet but comes at a huge cost, Kalpana must work 7 days a week and live on the hostel premises away from her sons and may only see them twice a month. Her sister and the boys aunty 18yr old Ganga is left in charge of caring for them. Ganga has just finished year twelve and has put further studies on hold so she can bare the enormous responsibility.  Laxman's school has brought the family situation to our attention in the hope we can help relieve some of the burdens.


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