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Sexual abuse survivor
Name and identity will only be given after a sponsorship has commenced 


Name: -


Gender: Female

AGE: 14

Class: 1 

SchooL: Kathmandu

Lives with: Safe house


Personality: withdrawn, quiet


her story 

She is the eldest daughter. Her mother abandoned the family several years ago. She lived with her stepmother and father, neither of them cared for her, supported her or created a safe place to live. It has been reported that she has been sexually abused by at least 5 men/boys from her remote community. 


She has been rescued from the situation and is now in the care of our partner organisation in Kathmandu. Living in a safe house, surrounded by other survivors of abuse, where she is supported and provided with ongoing quality counselling. 

Her education to date has been very poor. We have enrolled her in a good school and she will join grade 1 classes very soon. 


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