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Name: Nischita Bawadi

Age: 10 years

Birthday: 14th Sept

Currently Lives: Nayabazzar. Kathmandu

Living with: Mother

Class: 4

Interests: Reading, Loves Maths and wants to be a scientist

Nischita's Story

Nischita is a bright and confident girl who loves school and practicing her English.

Nischita's father is disabled and lives in his village. For the last few years Nischita has lived with her mum Tulasa in Kathmandu where work and schools are available. Nischita gets to see her dad once a year. Tulasa lost the use of her right hand in a bicycle accident when she was 13 years old but this doesn't stop her working very hard to help make ends meet. She currently works as a housemaid and earns approximately $70 per month. 

Tulasa feels like she is drowning, she can not work anymore than she already is and she still can not cover expenses. She needs help.



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