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Olivia Bauer

Padam, Mother Putali and 2 yr old brother Aashish



Name: Padam

Gender: Male

Age: 7yrs

Birthday:  18/3/2012

Currently Lives: Kohalpur, Banke. Nepalgunj. Nepal

Living with: Younger brother, mother, grandparents

Class: U.K.G ( upper Kinder)

Interests:  Playing in the dirt

Character: Padam is an average student, who loves playing with friends. His teachers say he is quite talkative in class but not disruptive.


Padam's story

Padam's father "Jase" was a good father, he worked in India as a truck driver for three years and regularly came home to see his family. Late one night in late October 2019 the family got a call asking a family member to come to India to collect "Jase's body. He was found dead from  blunt force trauma to the back of the head, nothing is known about the circumstances of his death and no suspect has been caught. 

The death of Jase as shaken the family terribly and the loss of income, thrown the family into financial despair. Padam's aging  grandfather has gone back to working in the fields to make ends meet. His wage barely covers food costs for the 5 family members.

Padam's position in his school is in jeopardy as the family can no longer afford to send him to the school. He is a bright student and it's a good school who we have strong ties with, and we want to see him stay there. 

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