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Proudly Sponsored by the

Chappel Family


Name: Rachana Poudel

Age: 7

DOB: 30th October 2011

Currently Lives: Banke, Nepalgunj. Nepal

Living with: 5 Family Members

Class: 1

Interests: Dancing


Name: Balkrishna Poudel

Age: 3 

DOB: 15th June 2015

Currently Lives: Banke, Nepalgunj. Nepal

Living with: 5 family Members

Class: Nursery

Interests: Playing 


Their Story

Rachana and Balkrishna's Father died in a fatal car accident in the first week of November 2018. Narayan was a taxi driver and provided well for his family while he was alive. Now that he has passed it has put a huge burden on Rama, the children's mother. She lives with her aging parents in law and to this date has been a stay at home mum, not needing to work in the past as their situation before the tragedy was ok. Narayan was an only child so there is no other siblings or relatives to look after his parents. That job now, is solely the responsibility of Rama.  Luckily they have a house that is paid for and a small plot of land which provides almost enough produce for them to live on. 

Rama will have to find work soon to help provide the necessities for her family.

Because the Chappel Family have stepped in to sponsor both Rachana and Balkrishna, Rama is hugely relieved to know her children's education is assured. Both are now attending good private schools close to their home and receiving a quality education. 

Thank you Chappel family for your incredible decision to stand beside this family, your impact and decision will be seen for generations to come.

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