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Ram is proudly

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Casey Evans

Rama Thapa 


Family photo - Feb 2020


Name : Rama Thapa

DOB: 06th April 2015

Sex: Female

Lives in: Pipiree, Kohalpur, Nepal (south West)

Class: Not yet enrolled (has been attending some playgroup classes)

Family Members: 5 (mother, father, 2 x sisters, 1 brother)

Personality: Quite, polite, shy. Loves to play with her siblings, 


Rama is the second eldest of 4 children. The family is very poor and rent a small mud hut, originally used for housing chickens. Rama's parents are "Prativa" and "Dhan", they are a young couple, struggling to make ends meet. They are doing the best they can, although at times failing to provide the very basics necessities like food, hygiene , discipline , and of course an education.

It was only a couple of years ago that "Dhan" worked as a rickshaw driver when he was diagnosed with  a degenerative and deteriorating eye disease, that has now left him almost completely blind. Unable to work the burden is now on mum "Prativa" to make ends meet and she does so by collecting wood to sell from a local forest . Its back breaking work and a long journey to and from the forest, and Prativa always runs the risk of being caught as collecting wood is an illegal trade. 

There is no way the family can financially afford to send any of their children to school. We all Rotate currently sponsor Rama's eldest sister "Premika" and are sending her to a good private school close to their home. It is our dream to send all the Thapa children to the same school. Rama should have started school 2 years ago, but there's no time like the present to get that ball rolling! 

In the past 8 months we have organised for  Rama to attend some child care classes at the school to see if she likes it, and to give her parents some respite during the day...Rama loves learning and loves being in the classroom environment. . Its now time to make it official and get her properly enrolled.

Family photo - 2019 (Rama front right)

8th July 2020 - Casey Evans makes the life changing decision to sponsor Rama.

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