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Sangam is proudly sponsored by the

Balcon Family

Kellie, Simon, Darcie and Callum


Sangam Mizar

Age: 7

DOB: 17th Sept 2011

Family/ houshold Members: 6

(Mother, 2x  Aunts, sister, Grandmother, grandfather)

Lives: Chapagaun, Lalitpur. Nepal

Class: 2

Interests: Dancing

Dreams of becoming a nurse

Sangam's Story

Sangam's father "Saroj" was an alchoholic from an early age. He worked as a builders labourer but  in February of 2016 he contracted pneumonia  and passed away. Following his passing Sangam, her mother "Bipina" and younger sister left Kathmandu to return to their rural village in the hope of receiving  support from her late husbands  family. However they were denied help and asked to leave after one year. In that one year Sangam did not attend school. Now they have returned to Kathmandu and are living with Bipina's parents. Bipina works in a tailors shop and for a 45hr week she earns approx $100 per month. 

Sangam is 7 and in class 2; one year behind others of the same age because of the time spent in the village. She is very shy and withdrawn but loves school and is slowly catching up on her studies and is currently a B grade student.


Sangam's grandparents are elderly and have no form of income, the responsibility lies fully on Bipina's shoulders. They live in a one bedroom tin shack. 

Sangam's younger sister Aradhana is about to start school and the extra education costs ontop of what is already a highly stressful financial situation will be too great for Bipina.


Sangam and her mother Bipina

2nd June 2018

the Balcon family sponor Sangam

New Uniform for Miss Sangam

New Uniform for Miss Sangam


Walking to school


We just love meeting families in their homes

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