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Sapana is sponsored by

Becky, Matt & Hamish Cant

Sapana's Story


Sapana's father "Kumar" is a police officer. While working he was bitten by a mosquito and contracted Japanese Encephalitis, an incurable disease with potentially fatal consequences. Over time it has resulted in Kumar becoming paralysed down the right side of his body and very limited movement down the left.


In early 2015 while Sapana was only 5 months old Kumar was transferred to a hospital in Kathmandu, bringing with him his wife "Kusum" and youngest child Sapana. Sapana's 2 older brothers where separated and sent to live with relatives. 3 years on and Kumar is still in the hospital as he needs 24hr care. Till now Kusum and Sapana have not left his side, calling the piece of floor beside his bed home for the last 3 years, all the while sharing the room with 15 other patients.


Sapana spends most of her time roaming the hospital corridors or sits and plays in the hospital garden. The police force contribute to medical expenses and Kumars basic daily needs, while Kusum must pay for extra medical care and for her and Sapana's meals. 

The oldest son has had to move abroad to try and find work and currently does not earn enough to send back for support. The middle son was not treated particularly well with the relatives he was entrusted to so Kusum made the decision in March this year to hand him over to a Monastery. Here he will study to become a monk for the next 5 years.

We ALL Rotate have been contacted in regards to their circumstances after Kusum knocked on the door of a nearby school pleading for them to help and to enroll Sapana at the school. The school referred the family to us. I think sponsoring Sapanas education is the least we can do, dont you? We have secured a place in the school, it is a fine private school and lunches will be provided for Sapana. It will bring much needed relief to her mother and Father knowing she is in a safe environment and can mix with children her own age and start her learning. Plus give her mother some respite during the day to tend to Kumar's needs.

8th April 2018 

The Cant family sponsor Sapana


Steve our CEO visiting Kusum and Kumar

sapana family

Bhujel Family


One very happy Sapana in her new uniform


Our CEO Steve, Visits ALL our sponsor students regularly

July 2018

Bhujel Family

July 2018

Loves her dad

July 2018

Dad is so proud of her little girl

July 2018

Steve loves visiting the Bhujel family

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