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Michael and Emily



Name: Shanti Tamang

Age: 8 years

DOB: Oct 20th 2010

Currently Lives: Inatole, Kathmandu. Nepal

Family members: 3 (Mother, Maya and 18 month old sister Junu) )

Class: 3

Interests: Playing,drawing

Shanti's Story

Shanti's father Padam died in June of 2018 due to Liver failure. Leaving behind daughters, Shanti and Junu and wife Maya.

Maya has struggled to work and look after 18 month old Junu. For the first four months after Padam's passing Maya worked as a cleaner and relied on the generosity of her landlord to help with child sitting while she worked. The wages did not even cover their living expenses let alone Shati's school fees, the debts and burdens began to mount. 


In October of 2018, Maya was near breaking point and struggling to come to terms with the responsibility of raising her daughters on her own, she decided to leave Kathmandu, and her job and take the 3 of them back to her family village for some respite and time to grieve with family. After one month she felt rejuvenated and ready to again return to Kathmandu and tackle the many obstacles that lay ahead. 

Maya is desperately looking for a job and hopes to be able to meet her responsibilities soon.

Shanti has been enrolled and attending a very good school and is now in danger of losing her place if her fees can not be covered. We have arranged a deal with the school that if we find a sponsor, the school will reduce the fees and together we can ensure Shant's education and enrollment is secure.

Shanti is a bright and polite girl who loves learning and helping mum at home with Junu. 

Maya's in-Laws provide no support or assistance as the marriage was not recognized in their eyes as Maya is from a lower cast. Maya's own parents died when she was very young and was raised by her uncle.


6th December 2018

Micheal and Emily make the life changing decision to Sponsor Shanti

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