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Vocational training SPONSOR NEEDED


Name: Sudipa 

Gender: Female

AGE/DOB: 17 yrs / DOB TBC

Grade: Dropped out of school

Studying: Advanced tailoring course

Lives:  Safe house in Kathmandu

Likes/ Dreams: Reading, Dancing, wants to be a dress maker and have her own business

Personality: Quiet, polite, friendly. Has a slight learning difficulty.

Sudipa's story

Survivor of sexual abuse. Now a resident in a safe house where she is loved, cared for and couselled to help overcome a horrific past.

Sudipa has no desire to attend a normal school and with her learning difficulties, school was never a fun experience. Passionate about sewing and talented at creating clothing, Sudipa wants to be enrolled in a tailoring course that will give her all the skills and mentoring required to help her reach her dream of becoming independent and the owner of her own tailoring business.



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